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South Carolina State Implementation Plan

South Carolina State Implementation Plan

Regulation No. 62.1, Definitions, Permit Requirements, and Emissions InventorySkip repeating menu.  Go to end of page
Section I - Definitions
Section II - Permit Requirements
Section III - Emissions Inventory

Regulation No. 62.2, Prohibition of Open Burning 

Regulation No. 62.3, Air Pollution Episodes 

     Section I - Episode Criteria
     Section II - Emission Reduction Requirements

Regulation No. 62.4, Hazardous Air Pollution Conditions 

Regulation No. 62.5, Air Pollution Control Standards 
 Standard No. 1, Emissions from Fuel Burning Operations 

     Section I - Visible Emissions
     Section II - Particulate Emissions
     Section III - Sulfur Dioxide Emissions
     Section IV - Opacity Monitoring Requirements
     Section V - Exemptions
     Section VI - Periodic Testing
     Section VII - Source Test Requirements

  Standard No. 2, Ambient Air Quality Standards 

  Standard No. 3, Emissions from Incinerators 

  Standard No. 4, Emissions from Process Industries 

     Section I - General
     Section II - Sulfuric Acid Manufacturing Plants
     Section III - Kraft Pulp and Paper Manufacturing
     Section IV - Portland Cement Manufacturing Plants
     Section V - Cotton Gins
     Section VI - Hot Mix Asphalt Plants
     Section VII - Metal Refining
     Section VIII - Other Manufacturing
     Section IX - Visible Emissions Not Specified Elsewhere
     Section X - Non-Enclosed Operations
     Section XI - Total Reduced Sulfur Emissions of Kraft Pulp Mills
     Section XII - Periodic Testing
     Section XIII - Source Test Requirements

  Standard No. 5, Volatile Organic Compounds 

     Section I - General Provisions
     Section II - Provisions for Specific Sources
          Part A.  Surface Coating of Cans
          Part B.  Surface Coating of Coils
          Part C.  Surface Coating of Paper, Vinyl & Fabric
          Part D.  Surface Coating of Metal Furniture & Large Appliances
          Part E.  Surface Coating of Magnet Wire
          Part F.  Surface Coating of Miscellaneous Metal Parts & Products
          Part G.  Surface Coating of Flat Wood Paneling
          Part H.  Graphic Arts - Rotogravure & Flexography
          Part I.  through M. (Reserved)
          Part N.  Solvent Metal Cleaning
          Part O.  Petroleum Liquid Storage in Fixed Roof Tanks
          Part P.  Petroleum Liquid Storage in External Floating Roof Tanks
          Part Q.  Manufacture of Synthesized Pharmaceutical Products
          Part R.  Manufacture of Pneumatic Rubber Tires
          Part S.  Cutback Asphalt
          Part T.  Bulk Gasoline Terminals and Vapor Collection Systems

  Standard No. 6, Alternative Emission Limitation Options 

     Section I - General
     Section II - Conditions for Approval
          Part A.  Emissions of Total Suspended Particulate or Sulfur Dioxide
          Part B.  Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds
          Part C.  Emissions of Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, or Lead
          Part D.  Designated Pollutants
          Part E.  De Minimis Cases
     Section III - Enforceability

  Standard No. 7, Prevention of Significant Deterioration 
     Section I - Definitions
     Section II - Ambient Air Limits
     Section III - Review of Major Plants and Major Modifications -- Applicability and Exemptions
     Section IV - Review Requirements
Regulation No. 62.6, Control of Fugitive Particulate Matter 

     Section I - Control of Fugitive Particulate Matter in Non-Attainment Areas
     Section II - Control of Fugitive Particulate Matter in Problem Areas
     Section III - Control of Fugitive Particulate Matter Statewide
     Section IV - Effective Date

Regulation No. 62.7, Good Engineering Practice Stack Height 

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