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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

Wolfeboro Strontium 90 Site

Emergency response at the Wolfeboro Strontium 90 Site, 78 Canopache Road, Wolfeboro, NH

EPA was contacted by the NH Dept. of Environmental Services on Dec. 11, 2012 regarding radioactive contamination found behind a retaining wall at a home at 78 Canopache Road in Wolfeboro, NH. The contamination was discovered when a local contractor, who was removing the retaining wall, found several 1.75-inch disks with the markings "Radioactive" and "Poison". A previous owner of the property was a boat builder who reportedly built tug boats for the US Navy. It is possible the individual brought these markers to the lake house for use as luminescent markers on his dock, and subsequently buried the markers when the dock was rebuilt. The NH Department of Human Health Services removed the disks and a small quantity of contaminated soil from the site. A January 2013 investigation by EPA found strontium 90 contamination remained in the soil at the property at levels that warranted a cleanup. The site is located on a two-acre single family residential property on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee. The property is surrounded by similar properties on three sides and on the fourth side by the large, heavily used recreational lake. Twelve radioluminescent markers were buried behind a seawall on the shore.

Between April 24 and 30, 2013, EPA and its contractors fenced off an exclusion zone and contaminant reduction zone, then removed contaminated soil and concrete and placed this material in 55 gallon drums. The drums were taken to a staging area and fenced in. EPA took possession of the markers, screened the excavation area to be sure all contaminated soil was removed and backfilled the excavation using clean soil from the property.

Location: 78 Canopache Road, Wolfeboro, NH
EPA Mobilization Date*: 04/24/2013
EPA Demobilization Date*: 04/24/2013
Contact: Claudia Deane (deane.claudia@epa.gov)

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