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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

Winfield Alloys Unknown Cylinder, Lawrence, MA

Map of Winfield Alloys, Lawrence, MA

At the request of the Northeast Office of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental protection, EPA responded to notification a leaking cylinder in Lawrence, MA on November 13, 2010. The Lawrence Fire Department had received a report of smoke and observed a vapor cloud in the area. The cause of the cloud was an unknown cylinder in a scrap metal shipment received by Winfield Alloy, Inc. MassDEP conducted field air sampling and the Massachusetts State Hazardous Materials Team also responded. The team secured a leaking 40-60 lb cylinder and took samples at the cylinder head and perimeter. Results indicated that the compound released was Freon 40. Analysis from the perimeter sample did not indicate any concentrations above levels of concern, or above public health action levels. Winfield Alloy's hired a cleanup contractor to vent the cylinder and dispose of the other on-site cylinders starting Nov. 15, 2010. MassDEP provided oversight of the cylinder removal.

Location: Lawrence, MA
EPA Mobilization Date*: 11/13/2010
EPA Demobilization Date*: 11/14/2010
Contact: Claudia Deane (deane.claudia@epa.gov)

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