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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

Trinity Academy Charter School

Trinity Academy Charter School

On June 30, 2011, the Boston Fire Department notified EPA of an ammonium hydroxide release at the Trinity Academy Charter School. It occurred in a closet of one of the schools science laboratories. The fire department evacuated the students and faculty from the school for the day and asked EPA to assist with air monitoring. EPA notified the Mass. Department of Environmental Protection's Emergency Response Program and responded by sending two on-scene coordinators and a contractor to conduct air monitoring.

The ammonium hydroxide spill resulted from a laboratory bottle that fell onto the floor, releasing some of its content. The fire department neutralized the spill with Kolorsafe and conducted the cleanup with sorbents. The sorbents and bottle were overpacked and staged for disposal. Clean Harbors disposed of the waste. After the clean-up, the fire department conducted air monitoring in the affected area, and no readings were detected. EPA conducted confirmation air monitoring with no detection. The fire department returned the following morning to confirm that it was safe for the students to re-enter the school.

Location: 17 Hale Street, Hyde Park, MA
EPA Mobilization Date*: 05/26/2011
EPA Demobilization Date*: 05/26/2011
Contact: Claudia Deane (deane.claudia@epa.gov)

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