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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

Mt. Norris Boy Scout Reservation

Removal action at Mt. Norris Boy Scout Reservation, Eden, Vt.

Site remediation work at the Mt. Norris Boy Scout Reservation in Eden, Vermont grew out of an earlier EPA cleanup at the Vermont Asbestos Group Mine Site in Eden and Lowell, Vt. The Vermont Asbestos Group (VAG) mine, which closed in 1993, contains millions of tons of waste rock with varying levels of asbestos. That mine cleanup in 2007 and 2008 was aimed at containing or filtering asbestos-contaminated run-off from rain and snow to keep it from affecting nearby waterways. During EPA's cleanup work at the VAG site, EPA learned that potentially contaminated rock waste from the mining operation had been moved off-site over the years for fill, road cover, grading material and other purposes. Representatives of the Mount Norris Boy Scout Reservation, about three miles from the mine, told the Vermont Dept. of Environmental Conservation (VT DEC) that mine waste had been brought to the camp to be used as parking lot fill, and possibly road cover. The parking lot was later capped with asphalt.

In March 2009, VT DEC requested EPA assistance with asbestos sampling at the Boy Scout camp. Based on initial sampling done by EPA that month and after numerous conversations with EPA and DEC regarding additional sampling and clean-up timeframes, the Boy Scouts decided to close the camp for that summer. Work began in June to sample soil at various locations of the camp. That fall, all 58 structures, including cabins, lean-tos, latrines and the ranger house were cleaned. EPA sampled structures after the cleanup and, where necessary, did additional cleanup activities. Sealing agent was used in some of the wooden structures and on a concrete floor. Since the majority of campers sleep in canvas tents and other ‘soft' structures, each structure was removed from storage, opened and vacuumed. In addition, two bare areas near the dining hall and kitchen were paved with asphalt to prevent fibers from becoming airborne.

The parking lot and bare areas were historically subject to flooding and erosion. This erosion had potentially uncovered the original fill material, asbestos contaminated soil and rock waste, and threatened to undermine the remainder of the existing asphalt parking lot. EPA and contractors installed new culverts, re-graded small sections of road and dug out a swale to redirect flow. After a break for winter, EPA and contractors returned in May to re-pave the parking area and cover the tailings. The cleanup was completed in May 2010.

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Location: Eden, Vt.
EPA Mobilization Date*: 09/11/2009
EPA Demobilization Date*: 05/07/2010
Contact: Kelsey O'Neil (oneil.kelsey@epa.gov)

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