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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

Martin Street Lab Pack Response

Martin Street Lab Pack Response, 9 Martin St., Maynard, Mass.

On Aug. 27, 2012 the Mass. Dept. of Fire Services requested EPA assistance at a home in Maynard where bottles of hazardous substances had been discovered, including mercury, chloroform, and ammonium tartrate. Empty boxes of munitions were also found, raising concerns about what else might be there. EPA launched an emergency cleanup and a contractor began work the next day. Contractors found more than 100 different chemicals in containers in the basement and garage. There was no path to access these except through an outside window because piles of personal belongings were stacked floor to ceiling. Many containers were unlabeled or stored next to incompatible chemicals. Broken windows and doors let rain in, and there were no temperature controls. The condition of containers increased the likelihood of a release. Hundreds of mercury switches, some broken, were found in the basement. Several jars of mercury were found, including an open jar. Mercury vapors above residential standards indicated mercury had probably spilled.

Cleanup crews moved containers of hazardous substances from the garage and basement to a storage container. Hazards found in containers included: mercury, toluene, vanadium pentoxide, lithium metal, ammonium nitrate, sodium cyanide, numerous acids (hydrochloric, phosphoric, carbonic, sulfuric, oxalic, boric, citric, tartaric), bases, oxidizers, solvents, and about 30 gallons of waste petroleum products. Crews removed mercury Aug. 30 and decontaminated the floor. An Aug. 31 assessment showed the house had safe levels of mercury and the resident was able to return. Disposal began Sept. 7 and cleanup crews were finished by Sept. 12.

Location: 9 Martin St., Maynard, Mass.
EPA Mobilization Date*: 01/23/2012
EPA Demobilization Date*: 09/12/2012
Contact: Claudia Deane (deane.claudia@epa.gov)

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