Region 1: EPA New England

New England Municipalities Regulated by the Phase II Stormwater Program

Choose a state from the list below to view municipalities* whose MS4s are automatically-designated (either in full or part) by the Phase II Rule based on urbanized area (PDF) (3 pp, 264 K, about PDF) delineations from the 2000 U.S. Census. In addition to MS4s automatically regulated by the Phase II Rule, EPA and authorized states may designate additional municipalities for permit coverage, and others may be eligible for waivers from permitting requirements. For the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, where EPA is the NPDES permitting authority, Notices of Intent (NOIs), annual reports, and public notice information is provided.

*Note: Those portions of a municipality’s MS4 that discharge to a combined sewer system or a publically owned treatment works (POTW) are not regulated by the Phase II Rule, regardless of coincidence with an urbanized area. If and when storm sewers are separated from sanitary sewers pursuant to state and federal Combined Sewer Overflow Policies, the resulting MS4s would then become automatically-designated by the Phase II Rule.