Region 1: EPA New England

Remediation General Permit (RGP) for MA & NH

The Final National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit for Remediation Activity Discharges – the Remediation General Permit (RGP) in Massachusetts (MAG910000) and New Hampshire (NHG910000) was signed on March 9, 2017. The RGP is effective 30 days after the date of signature, on April 8, 2017. The final RGP replaces the RGP that expired on September 9, 2015. The 120-day period for seeking judicial review will begin at 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time on March 23, 2017, in accordance with 40 C.F.R. Part 23. Under section 509(b) of the Clean Water Act, judicial review of this general permit can be requested by filing a petition for review in a United States Court of Appeals by July 21, 2017.

The RGP is available for sites located in Massachusetts and New Hampshire which discharge 1.0 million gallons per day or less as a result of remediation activities from eight general categories: 1) Petroleum-related site remediation; 2) Non-petroleum-related site remediation; 3) Contaminated/formerly contaminated site dewatering; 4) Pipeline and tank dewatering; 5) Aquifer pump testing; 6) Well development/rehabilitation; 7) Collection structure dewatering/remediation; and 8) Dredge-related dewatering.

Operators seeking authorization to discharge must submit a complete and accurate Notice of Intent (NOI) in accordance with Appendix IV – Part 1 as follows:

  • Operators of existing discharges must submit a NOI no later than ninety (90) days after the effective date of this general permit.
  • Operators of emergency discharges must submit a NOI no later than fourteen (14) days after the discharges commence.
  • Operators of new discharges must submit a NOI at least seven (7) days prior to the commencement of discharges.

An operator will be authorized to discharge under the RGP upon the effective date indicated in the authorization to discharge provided by EPA in writing, unless provisional coverage for an emergency discharge applies.

The RGP is available through the links below. Additional resources, including suggested formats for electronic submittals, are also provided.

Information Sessions & Trainings

(6/27/2017) MassDEP/LSP Association Continuing Education Seminar, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, Boxborough, MA.

(5/11/2017) LSP Association Membership Meeting, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Westborough, MA.

(3/23/2017) MassDEP Waste Site Cleanup Program Advisory Committee, 9:30 am to 12:00 pm, Boston, MA.

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2005 and 2010 Remediation General Permits

EPA Contacts

Technical Questions: Shauna Little (; telephone: 617-918-1989; Mail Code: OEP06-1

NOI Processing: Shelley Puleo (; telephone: 617-918-1545; Mail Code: OEP06-1

State Contacts

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Cathy Vakalopoulos (; telephone: 617-348-4026

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
Jeff Andrews (; telephone: 603-271-2984


Notices of Intent (NOI) will be posted on this page for a minimum of seven (7) days after EPA receives them. Please contact Shelly Puleo ( or 617-918-1545) if you have any questions regarding NOIs. A chronological listing of recent NOIs appear in the table below. Older NOIs are listed in the Remediation General Permit (RGP) NOI archive. EPA will also post Notices of Termination (NOT), and Notices of Change (NOC), if received.

Notices of Intent: Remediation General Permit (RGP)
Site Name City / State (Receiving Water) Permit Number NOI(s) Authorization(s) NOC(s) NOT(s)
AMPET Service Station Chelmsford, MA (Unnamed tributary to River Meadow Brook) MAG910745 08/18/2017 (PDF) (75 pp, 5.5 MB)      
Speedway Store #2436 Dennis Port, MA (Unnamed tributary to Swan Pond River) MAG910744 08/15/2017 (PDF) (105 pp, 5.1 MB)      
Speedway Store #2410 Walpole, MA (Unnamed tributary to Neponset River) MAG910743 08/15/2017 (PDF) (128 pp, 6.9 MB)      
Broadway Gas & Service Everett, MA (Unnamed tributary to Malden River) MAG910742 08/17/2017 (PDF) (102 pp, 6.5 MB)      
Citgo Terminal Bulkhead Project Braintree, MA (Weymouth Fore River) MAG910741 08/14/2017 (PDF) (62 pp, 1.6 MB)      
AMPET Service Station Pepperell, MA (Nashua River) MAG910740 08/15/2017 (PDF) (65 pp, 4.2 MB)      
370-380 Harrison Avenue Boston, MA (Bass River) MAG910739 08/18/2017 (PDF) (156 pp, 28 MB)      
3190-3204 Washington Street Boston, MA (Charles River) MAG910738 08/14/2017 (PDF) (148 pp, 6.2 MB)      
89 Spring Bars Road Falmouth, MA (Little Pond) MAG910737 08/08/2017 (PDF) (90 pp, 3.6 MB)      
SM Hodson Company Reading, MA (Walker Brook) MAG910736 08/11/2017 (PDF) (125 pp, 5.7 MB)      
Smith Center Chilled Water Extension Cambridge, MA (Charles River) MAG910735 08/11/2017 (PDF) (221 pp, 25.4 MB)      
Target, Cambridge Cambridge, MA (Charles River) MAG910734 07/20/2017 (PDF) (181 pp, 14.2 MB)      
Northern Avenue, Parcel K Boston, MA (Boston Inner Harbor) MAG910733 07/18/2017 (PDF) (138 pp, 5.5 MB)      
Colbea Shell Gasoline Station Stoughton, MA (Massapoag Brook) MAG910732 07/18/2017 (PDF) (85 pp, 7.6 MB)      
Raytheon/BBN Cambridge, MA (Alewife Brook) MAG910731 07/20/2017 (PDF) (45 pp, 5.2 MB)      
Callahan Senior Center Framingham, MA (Sudbury River) MAG910730 07/18/2017 (PDF) (154 pp, 7.8 MB)      
Cumberland Farms, Inc. #2439 Attleboro, MA (Unnamed tributary to Bungay River) MAG910729 08/11/2017 (PDF) (111 pp, 7.5 MB)      
Six West Broadway South Boston, MA (Boston Inner Harbor) MAG910728 07/20/2017 (PDF) (191 pp, 7.1 MB)      
Wynn Boston Harbor Everett, MA (Mystic River) MAG910727 07/18/2017 (PDF) (340 pp, 14.5 MB)      
CertainTeed Roofing Norwood, MA (Neponset River) MAG910726        
District Energy Facility Allston, MA (Charles River) MAG910725 07/18/2017 (PDF) (433 pp, 29.3 MB)      
Western Avenue Utility Crossing Allston, MA (Charles River) MAG910724 07/17/2017 (PDF) (332 pp, 16.3 MB)      
Union Point Development Project South Weymouth, MA (French Stream) MAG910723 07/14/2017 (PDF) (330 pp, 41.7 MB)      
Eversource South Boston PTC Repair Project South Boston, MA (Boston Inner Harbor) MAG910722 07/17/2017 (PDF) (144 pp, 3.4 MB)      
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Phase II Boston, MA (Fort Point Channel) MAG910721 07/17/2017 (PDF) (373 pp, 15.2 MB)      
Arsenal on the Charles, West Garage Watertown, MA (Charles River) MAG910720 07/14/2017 (PDF) (185 pp, 25.8 MB)      
Seaport Square, Block M Boston, MA (Boston Inner Harbor) MAG910719 07/12/2017 (PDF) (389 pp, 8.5 MB)      
Boston Children's Hospital Clinical Building Boston, MA (Muddy River) MAG910718 07/12/2017 (PDF) (402 pp, 7.7 MB)      
Connecticut Expansion Project, Station 261 Agawam, MA (Unnamed tributary to Worthington Brook) MAG910717 07/21/2017 (PDF) (122 pp, 6.2 MB)      
Connecticut Expansion Project, Massachusetts Loop Sandisfield, MA (Spectacle Pond Brook) MAG910716 07/21/2017 (PDF) (122 pp, 6.2 MB)      
555 Parker Street Boston, MA (Charles River) MAG910715 06/29/2017 (PDF) (247 pp, 24 MB) 07/13/2017 (PDF)(4 pp, 252 K)    
399 Congress Street Boston, MA (Boston Inner Harbor) MAG910714 06/29/2017 (PDF) (184 pp, 8.3 MB) 07/13/2017 (PDF)(4 pp, 252 K)    
Park 77 Cambridge, MA (Alewife Brook) MAG910713 06/29/2017 (PDF) (177 pp, 12.5 MB) 07/13/2017 (PDF)(4 pp, 286 K)    
Colbea Shell Gasoline Station Canton, MA (East Branch, Neponset River) MAG910712 07/12/2017 (PDF) (154 pp, 14.4 MB)      
Broadway Hotel Chelsea, MA (Mill Creek) MAG910711 06/19/2017 (PDF) (106 pp, 7.8 MB) 06/28/2017 (PDF)(4 pp, 214 K)    
Cushing Village Belmont, MA (Wellington Brook) MAG910710 06/09/2017 (PDF) (88 pp, 5.8 MB) 06/19/2017 (PDF)(4 pp, 207K)    
Pace Energy Service Station Billerica, MA (Unnamed tributary to Concord River) MAG910709 06/09/2017 (PDF) (88 pp, 7.6 MB) 06/19/2017 (PDF) (4 pp, 263 K)    
Northpoint Development Site - Lot J/K Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, MA (Lechmere Canal) MAG910708 06/05/2017 (PDF) (313 pp, 5.8 MB) 06/26/2017 (PDF)(4 pp, 308 K)    
Northpoint Development Site Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, MA (Lechmere Canal) MAG910707 06/05/2017 (PDF) (316 pp, 5.8 MB) 06/26/2017 (PDF)(4 pp, 309 K)    
Colbea Shell Gasoline Station Ashland, MA (Cold Spring Brook) MAG910706 05/23/2017 (PDF) (143 pp, 18.1 MB)

06/29/2017 (PDF) (199 pp, 26.5 MB)
07/13/2017 (PDF) (4 pp, 290 K)    
Lowell House Renovation Project Cambridge, MA (Charles River) MAG910705 05/23/2017 (PDF) (560 pp, 32.6 MB) 06/14/2017 (PDF) (4 pp, 223 K)    
Salem Harbor Energy Project Salem, MA (Salem Harbor) MAG910704 05/23/2017 (PDF) (74 pp, 6.2 MB) 06/14/2017 (PDF) (4 pp, 243 K)    
Sargent Residence Northborough, MA (Unnamed tributary to Hop Brook) MAG910703 05/09/2017 (PDF) (97 pp, 3.4 MB) 05/24/2017 (PDF) (4 pp, 327 K)    
Coppersmith Village Development Project Boston, MA (Boston Harbor) MAG910702 05/09/2017 (PDF) (108 pp, 4 MB) 05/24/2017 (PDF) (4 pp, 281 K)    
Parcel N - Boston Marine Industrial Park (BMIP) Boston, MA (Boston Harbor) MAG910701 05/02/2017 (PDF) (285 pp, 12 MB) 05/18/2017 (PDF) (4 pp, 321 K)    
Hopkinton Gas Hopkinton, MA (Unnamed tributary to Indian Brook) MAG910700 04/13/2017 (PDF) (139 pp, 6.6 MB) 04/27/2017 (PDF) (4 pp, 192 K)    
Kendall Square Initiative – South of Main (SOMA) Cambridge, MA (Charles River) MAG910699 04/10/2017 (PDF) (534 pp, 11.9 MB) 04/17/2017 (PDF) (4 pp, 162 K)    
Shaw's Plaza Sharon, MA (Unnamed tributary to Billings Brook) MAG910109 06/29/2017 (PDF) (122 pp, 6.6 MB)      
Rennie Farm Hanover, NH (Unnamed tributary to Hewes Brook) NHG910071 04/11/2017 (PDF) (465 pp, 49.8 MB)

04/11/2017 (PDF) (465 pp, 48.8 MB)
04/19/2017 (PDF) (4 pp, 266 K)

04/19/2017 (PDF) (4 pp, 268 K)

In accordance with 40 C.F.R. Part 122.63, EPA is providing notice that the minor modifications listed below have been processed for this general permit.

Correct typographical errors per 40 C.F.R. Part 122.63(a)

March 28, 2017: Appendix I
In the instructions in Section II, Step 3 (FWS Criterion C), found on page 5 of 10, the term "both" was corrected to "either" and the term "either" was corrected to "both". In the instructions in Section II, Step 4, found on page 6 of 10, the documentation for FWS Criterion C was corrected to reflect the correction made in Section II, Step 3. The cross-references to the criteria in Sections II and III, found on page 3 of 10, were corrected for numbering.

April 19, 2017: General Permit
In footnote 7 to Table 2, found on page 12 of 50, the units "µg/L" were corrected to the units "mg/L" for the minimum level requirement for the parameter ammonia. This correction was not made in Appendix VII or Attachment A because the units for the minimum level requirement for the parameter ammonia, mg/L, are correct in both Appendix VII and Attachment A.