Region 1: EPA New England

NetDMR: Guidance

EPA Region 1 has prepared quick reference guides to help permittees better understand components of the NetDMR process.

General Information Brochure on NetDMR (PDF) (2 pp, 223 K, about PDF)

Creating an Account and Requesting Access to a Permit Using NetDMR (PDF) (18 pp, 954 K, about PDF)

Adding and Naming Attachments Using NetDMR (PDF) (6 pp, 863 K, about PDF)

In addition, the national website or NetDMR contains other basic information on NetDMR such as the NetDMR National Installation Permittee and Data Provider User Guide (PDF) (158 pp, 2.9 MB, about PDF). This document includes more information on how to set up a NetDMR account, enter data, and view data already entered.