Region 1: EPA New England

Who Issues NPDES Permits in New England?

As provided in the Clean Water Act, the nationwide permit system employs two different systems of administration. Forty-six states are authorized to issue NPDES permits  themselves in lieu of the federal government. Such states often are called as authorized states because they received authorization from the federal government to implement the NPDES program. The programs of the remaining four states (as well as some territories and the District of Columbia) are administered by the EPA Regional offices. These states often are called non-authorized states. EPA Region 1 has four authorized  states: Connecticut (except for Indian country), Maine (except for certain facilities located in Indian country and the regulation of cooling water intake structures), Rhode Island (except for Indian country) and Vermont (except for certain federal facilities). EPA Region 1 also has two non-authorized states: Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The other two non-authorized states are Idaho and New Mexico.