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Coastal Oil of New England, Inc. - Chelsea Terminal (MA0004375)

Photo of the Coastal Oil facility in Chelsea, Mass.

The Coastal Oil facility, which is located in Chelsea, Massachusetts, is engaged in the receipt, storage, and distribution of petroleum products. The product spectrum handled by this facility consists of asphalt, No.2 Fuel Oil, and various product additives. Petroleum products are received in bulk quantities at the marine vessel dock. Product is then transferred to aboveground storage tanks located within the facility’s tank farm. Final distribution of product is conducted at the facility’s truck loading rack. The NPDES discharge is primarily from storm water runoff from pervious and impervious areas at the facility including the tank farm, loading rack, and marine vessel dock. On occasion, the facility may also discharge treated water used in the hydrostatic testing of recently repaired tanks. The storm water and hydrostatic test water discharges are to the Chelsea River through Outfall 001.

EPA was notified through a letter dated May 28, 2004, that the facility is currently inactive and that there have been no petroleum products stored on-site since March 2003. The letter also states that the facility has been put up for sale by Coastal Oil. Coastal Oil is still requesting that their existing NPDES permit be renewed. EPA is planning to re-issue the draft NPDES Permit to the Coastal Oil facility to ensure that the storm water that is being discharged from the inactive facility, continues to be regulated in a manner which is protective of human health and the environment. The re-issuance of the permit will ensure that the most current monitoring conditions and effluent limitations remain in effect. In the event that the property is sold or transferred after the issuance of this NPDES Permit, then the new owner must notify EPA of any changes at the facility and is required to continue to comply with the appropriate sections of the Clean Water Act.

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Coastal Oil of New England Inc. - Chelsea Terminal Final Permit (PDF) (12 pp, 551 K)

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