Region 1: EPA New England

Grants and Projects: Water Quality


Massachusetts Watershed Coalition (Leominster, MA)
Monoosnoc Brook Restoration

The Massachusetts Watershed Coalition has worked since 1991 to protect, manage, and restore the Commonwealth’s river systems by strengthening community groups, building partnerships, raising public awareness of watershed issues, and improving policy decisions affecting rivers and watersheds. The “Monoosnoc Brook Restoration” project will assess and improve water quality through sampling, education, and training urban residents and in Leominster. These efforts will generate data, create tools and inspire local action to reduce non-point source pollution and improve water quality through community projects. A diverse coalition of partners will work with municipal officials to implement best management practices, reduce discharges of pollutants from streets and parking lots, and explore low impact development ordinances and regulations to better protect local water resources. Neighborhood volunteers will be recruited, educated, and trained to conduct water quality monitoring to track improvements to water quality and aquatic life, create outreach and education tools, and design a watershed/stream protection guidebook and education video for public distribution.

Measurable Results: Install structural and non-structural stormwater best management practices for at least ten sites in the Rockwell Pond drainage area; measurable improvements to drainage system through catch basin cleaning and street sweeping; ongoing water quality monitoring program to assess Brook pollution established by recruiting, educating, and training 15 residents in water sampling and biologic assessments; education and outreach to 800 school students and their families, 5,000 watershed households, 80 municipal officers, and 50 local businesses; video on preventing non-point source pollution produced and distributed; create and distribute 300 copies of stream restoration guide.

Partners: Leominster Land Trust, Nashua River Watershed Association, Leominster Department of Public Works