Region 1: EPA New England

Community Development Pyramid

Urban Environmental Infrastructure in Boston, MA
Case Study:

Boston has always been a city full of neighborhood activism, so it was not difficult to find groups, issues or communities to work with. Many Boston neighborhoods launched community-based efforts to protect the urban environment, but were faced with many daunting obstacles. Federal, state and municipal environmental laws were numerous, confusing, and often not designed to meet resident needs. The legal and technical resources required to solve urban problems were nonexistent because mainstream environ-mental groups generally ignored inner city environmental issues and focused on wildlife habitat and ecosystem preservation. There was also little public education on the connections between the urban economy, environment and public health.

Click on each phase of the pyramid to examine the UEP's efforts to service community needs by developing a sustainable infrastructure so local stakeholders and residents have a forum to get information, raise their concerns, and access resources to improve the health and environmental quality in Boston neighborhoods.

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