Region 1: EPA New England

Climate Change in Urban Communities

Get Informed & Take Action


"Climate Change in Urban Communities" is a PowerPoint presentation designed to inform urban residents about the impact of climate change, why it's a problem for their communities, and how individual actions can help make a difference as well as save people money.

Why urban communities?

Urban residents face disproportionate exposure to cumulative risks, lack of open and green space, inadequate access to transportation, as well as high rates of asthma and childhood lead poisoning.

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What's covered in the presentation?

  • Understanding "Greenhouse Gases" and the Greenhouse Effect
  • Rising CO2 levels
  • Changes in our health and environment
  • Temperature changes in New England
  • Trash and recycling
  • The impact of energy use on climate change
  • Ways to help and save money
  • What effect our choices will have for future generations

For more information, or to request a climate change presentation in your community, contact:

Stacey Johnson-Pridgeo (
UEP Team Leader
(617) 918-1552