Region 1: EPA New England

State Permit Contacts

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

CT DEEP Title V Operating Permit Program Exit

Richard Pirolli (
Telephone: 860-424-3450

Maine Departmental of Environmental Protection

Maine DEP Title V Sources Exit

Marc Cone (
Telephone: 207-287-7049

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Massachusetts Facilities with Operating Permits Exit

Karen Regas (
Telephone: 617-292-5624

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

NH DES Title V Operating Permit Program Exit

Todd Moore (
Telephone: 603-271-6798

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

RI DEM Office of Air Resources Exit

Doug McVay (
Telephone: 401-222-2808 ext 7011

Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

VT DEC Air Pollution Control Permits to "Operate" Exit

Doug Elliot (
Telephone: 802-241-3845