Region 1: EPA New England

Pesticides / Endocrine Disruptors

Protection of ground water resources from pesticide contamination is an integral part of EPA's Pesticide and Drinking Water Protection Programs. Several pesticides are known to travel readily in ground water and may cause contamination. To prevent contamination of ground water, EPA encourages States to develop and carry out Pesticide Management Plans (previously known as State Management Plans) for pesticides that pose a significant risk to ground water resources. The Pesticide Management Plan approach emphasizes a cooperative Federal-State partnership and provides flexibility to States to tailor pesticide management to local conditions. Each New England State is developing its own program to protect ground water from pesticides. These programs consider unique state conditions and assure environmentally sound use of pesticides which might otherwise pose a high risk to ground water resources.

The Pesticide Program under the Food Quality Protection Act and the Drinking Water Program under the Safe Drinking Water Act also contain provisions for endocrine testing. The Food Quality Protection Act gives EPA new authority to require that chemical manufacturers provide additional data on their products, including data on potential endocrine effects. Pesticides and ground water protection and implementation of the Food Quality Protection Act are ongoing parts of EPA's national pesticide program.

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