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Drinking Water in New England

EPA New England, Region I, Drinking Water Program Contacts

Associate Director of Drinking Water
Jane Downing (downing.jane@epa.gov)
(617) 918-1571

Manager, Municipal Assistance Unit
Mark Spinale (spinale.mark@epa.gov)
(617) 918-1547

Manager, Drinking Water Quality and Protection Unit
Maureen McClelland (mcclelland.maureen@epa.gov)
(617) 918-1517

Manager, Water Technical Unit (Drinking Water Enforcement Program)
Denny Dart (dart.denny@epa.gov)
(617) 918-1850

Drinking Water State Program Coordinators
Oversees state public water system supervision programs, including new contaminant regulations, sampling, monitoring and distribution system requirements
Connecticut Mark Sceery (sceery.mark@epa.gov) (617) 918-1559
Maine Chris Ryan (ryan.chris@epa.gov) (617) 918-1567
Massachusetts Kevin Reilly (reilly.kevin@epa.gov) (617) 918-1694
New Hampshire Betsy Davis (davis.betsy@epa.gov) (617) 918-1576
Rhode Island Ellie Kwong (kwong.ellie@epa.gov) (617) 918-1592
Vermont Lynn Gilleland (gilleland.lynn@epa.gov) (617) 918-1516

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Drinking Water Source Protection State Program Coordinators
Includes Wellhead Protection Program, Sole Source Aquifer Program, and Source Water Assessment Program for Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont
Jeff Butensky (butensky.jeff@epa.gov) (617) 918-1665
Kira Jacobs (jacobs.kira@epa.gov) (617) 918-1817
Ted Lavery (lavery.ted@epa.gov) (617) 918-1683

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Drinking Water Enforcement Program
Senior Enf. Coordinator Ken Rota (rota.ken@epa.gov) (617) 918-1751

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Drinking Water State Revolving Fund
CT, NH and RI DWSRF Coordinators Katie Marrese (marrese.katie@epa.gov) (617) 918-1658
MA, ME and VT DWSRF Coordinators James Bourne (bourne.james@epa.gov) (617) 918-1610
Tribal Infrastructure Program James Bourne (bourne.james@epa.gov) (617) 918-1610

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EPA Protocols for Well Installation and Ground Water Monitoring
Marcel Belaval (belaval.marcel@epa.gov) (617) 918-1239

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EPA Drinking Water Security
Maureen McClelland (mcclelland.maureen@epa.gov) (617) 918-1517
Kevin Reilly (reilly.kevin@epa.gov) (617) 918-1694
Mark Sceery (sceery.mark@epa.gov) (617) 918-1559
Lynn Gilleland (gilleland.lynn@epa.gov) (617) 918-1516

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EPA New England Office Contacts for Drinking Water Rules/Initiatives
Arsenic Chris Ryan (ryan.chris@epa.gov) (617) 918-1567
Byproducts Rules Kevin Reilly (reilly.kevin@epa.gov) (617) 918-1694
Capacity Development Jeffrey Butensky (butensyk.jeff@epa.gov)
Mark Spinale (spinale.mark@epa.gov)
(617) 918-1665
(617) 918-1547
Consumer Confidence Reports Betsy Davis (davis.betsy@epa.gov) (617) 918-1576
Cross Connection Control Mark Sceery (sceery.mark@epa.gov) (617) 918-1559
Disinfectants / Disinfection Kevin Reilly (reilly.kevin@epa.gov) (617) 918-1694
Drinking Water Lab Certification Ellie Kwong (kwong.ellie@epa.gov)
Ann Jefferies (jefferies.ann@epa.gov)
Denise DePierro (depierro.denise@epa.gov)
(617) 918-1592
(617) 918-8373
(617) 918-8365
Drinking Water Program Review Emanuel Souza (souza.emanuel@epa.gov) (617) 918-1594
Filter Backwash Recycling Rule Kevin Reilly (reilly.kevin@epa.gov) (617) 918-1694
Ground Water Rule Denise Springborg (springborg.denise@epa.gov) (617) 918-1681
Health Effects Maureen McClelland (mcclelland.maureen@epa.gov) (617) 918-1517
Lead and Copper Rule Ellie Kwong (kwong.ellie@epa.gov) (617) 918-1592
Phase II/V Rule Mark Sceery (sceery.mark@epa.gov) (617) 918-1559
Public Notification Rule Lynn Gilleland (gilleland.lynn@epa.gov) (617) 918-1516
Operator Certification Program Katie Connors (connors.katie@epa.gov) (617) 918-1658
Total Coliform Rule, Revised Kevin Reilly (reilly.kevin@epa.gov) (617) 918-1694
Radionuclides Rule Marcel Belaval (belaval.marcel@epa.gov) (617) 918-1239
SDWIS/Fed Emanuel Souza (souza.emanuel@epa.gov) (617) 918-1594
Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR) Kevin Reilly (reilly.kevin@epa.gov) (617) 918-1694
    Interim Enhanced SWTR Kevin Reilly (reilly.kevin@epa.gov) (617) 918-1694
    Long Term 1 SWTR Kevin Reilly (reilly.kevin@epa.gov) (617) 918-1694
    Long Term 2 SWTR Kevin Reilly (reilly.kevin@epa.gov) (617) 918-1694
(Regional DW Data Management)
SDWIS/State Emanuel Souza (souza.emanuel@epa.gov) (617) 918-1594
Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Chris Ryan (ryan.chris@epa.gov) (617) 918-1567
Underground Injection Control with the following contacts:
  Denise Springborg (springborg.denise@epa.gov) (617) 918-1681

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