Region 1: EPA New England

New England Drinking Water Program

Click for a larger image of a drinking water protection area in NH.

Information about New England's Drinking Water including private wells, EPA's programs to protect, monitor, treat, and transfer drinking water to residents and businesses, funding opportunities, technical assistance and more.

New England's Drinking Water
Where do you get your drinking water... What is ground water... more

Drinking Water Laws and New Rules
National Laws protecting drinking rules... more

Private Well Owners
Information sources... more

Preventing Contamination
EPA programs preventing contamination... more

Water Conservation
Conservation tips/guidelines... contacts... more

Drinking Water Security
EPA activities to improve security and emergency preparedness of public water systems... more

All Hazards Emergency Preparedness for Drinking Water Systems
Useful tools on pandemic, natural disasters, climate change, and mutual aid ... more

Your Drinking Water Source
Learn about your drinking water...consumer confidence reports...contamination...local protection efforts... more

EPA, State, & Other Contacts
EPA drinking water staff...state drinking water agencies...technical assistance organizations... more

EPA Funding for Drinking Water Activities
Drinking water state revolving fund... more

Hot Topics/New Initiatives

Schools and Drinking Water
Brochure: Are you providing safe drinking water at your school?...Poster & Bookmark: Source water protection tips for schools that operate their own well water system.... more

Lead in Drinking Water
Basic information on lead in drinking water, actions you can take to reduce lead in drinking water... more