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Port Technologies and Management Strategies

Using the buttons and tabs below, you can become acquainted with a variety of technologies and strategies that have been developed for ports, terminals and vessels, and follow links to providers and users who can provide more information. This tool provides a venue for sharing and accessing descriptive information and resources. Please contact Abby Swaine ( with suggestions for augmenting and updating this tool. Please be aware that EPA's national Clean Ports USA program maintains a list of technologies applicable to ports (some of which EPA has verified) and provides case studies on ports known to EPA to be using cleaner technologies.

Disclaimer: This tool is designed to introduce maritime facility and vessel owners to technologies and strategies that may help reduce their environmental impact, primarily from diesel fuels and engines. We hope users find this resource useful as part of a multifaceted strategy for exploring their options. However, this information is not intended to help facility, equipment, and vessel owners meet current or future regulatory requirements; you are responsible for determining your compliance with all local, state, federal and international requirements. Further, the technology descriptions contained on this site (including, but not limited to, information on technology applications, performance, limitations, benefits and costs) have been provided primarily by vendors, and also by some users. EPA made no attempt to examine, screen or verify company or technology information, or users' results. Also, EPA has not confirmed the accuracy or legal adequacy of any disclosures, product performance or other information provided by the companies and used by EPA in this web site. Inclusion of companies and their products in this database does not constitute or imply endorsement or recommendation by EPA.