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Region 1: EPA New England

Air Toxics in New England

The air we breathe can be contaminated with pollutants from factories, power plants, motor vehicles, the products we use and many other sources. These pollutants have long been a major concern because of the harmful effects they have on peoples' health and the environment.

On this website, you can find general information about air toxics, what EPA is doing to reduce ambient air toxics levels, information on the reductions we have seen to date from large New England manufacturing companies, as well as links to other related websites.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are toxic air pollutants?... Where do toxic air pollutants come from?... more
  Air Toxics of Greatest Concern in New England
The 2011 NATA estimated that state average risk values... more
Important Background Info on the National Air Toxics Assessment (NATA)
NATA utilizes 2011 air inventory estimates to model concentrations of air toxics and our exposure risks... more
  Other Priority Air Toxics in New England
Diesel, Dioxins, Lead, Mercury, and PCBs... more
What are EPA New England and the States Doing About Air Toxics?
EPA NE staff provide technical assistance to the regulated community to ensure compliance with the air toxics regulations... more
  Air Toxics Resources
Integrated Urban Air Toxics Strategy, Health-track website... more
Air Toxics in Your State
Air toxics in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and NESCAUM... more
  Regional Administrator's Letter to the Public Regarding 2011 NATA

For more information about air toxics in New England, please contact:

Susan Lancey (lancey.susan@epa.gov)
(617) 918-1656

or for general information about other EPA programs, contact:

The EPA New England call center at (617) 918-1111

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