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Region 1: EPA New England

Do Other Web-Sites Contain Additional Air Emissions Data?

EPA maintains an air emissions data web-site with report and mapping capabilities at the following link. Additionally, emissions data for electric utilities and other large industrial sources required to record their emissions using continuous emissions monitors and report this information to EPA is available at the following link: Clean Air Markets – Data and Maps.

Who can I contact at EPA for more information?
Bob McConnell is EPA's air emissions data contact for the New England states, and can be reached at 617-918-1046, or via e-mail at: mcconnell.robert@epa.gov

Who can I contact in my state for more information?
Each of the New England state air pollution control agencies make an effort to estimate and track air pollution emissions that emanate from within their borders. The contacts below can assist you with questions you may have about air pollution in your state.

State Air Emissions Contacts E-mail
CT Steven Potter potter.steven@ct.gov
MA Ken Santlal kenneth.santlal@state.ma.gov
ME Karla Buchanan karla.buchanan@maine.gov
NH Dave Healy dhealy@des.state.nh.us
RI Karen Slattery karen.slattery@dem.ri.gov
VT Jeff Merrell jeff.merrell@state.vt.us


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