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Region 1: EPA New England

Air Quality Planning Unit

The mission of the EPA New England's Air Quality Planning Unit is to protect public health and the environment from certain "criteria" air pollutants such as ozone, particulate matter, and carbon monoxide. Standards for these pollutants are called the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). To meet national air quality standards in a cost-effective manner, we work collaboratively with states, communities, and businesses to reduce air pollution from a variety of sources -- cars, fuels, factories, power plants, consumer and commercial products, and paints.

Looking for answers about a specific air quality issue? Here's a list of topics and programs related to air quality and Air Quality Planning (AQP) staff who can answer questions and provide information about them.

Topic Contact (Email) Phone Number
Air Quality Forecasting Anne McWilliams (mcwilliams.anne@epa.gov) 617-918-1697
Rich Burkhart (burkhart.richard@epa.gov) 617-918-1664
Air Quality Outreach Anne McWilliams (mcwilliams.anne@epa.gov ) 617-918-1697
Alternative Fuels John Rogan (rogan.john@epa.gov) 617-918-1645
Best Workplaces For Commuters Gary Rennie (rennie.gary@epa.gov) 617-918-1525
Carbon Monoxide Programs Ariel Garcia (garcia.ariel@epa.gov) 617-918-1660
Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) and Transport Rule Alison Simcox (simcox.alison@epa.gov) 617-918-1684
Diesel Vehicles Gary Rennie (rennie.gary@epa.gov) 617-918-1525
John Rogan (rogan.john@epa.gov) 617-918-1645
Emissions Inventories Bob McConnell (mcconnell.robert@epa.gov) 617-918-1046
General Conformity John Rogan (rogan.john@epa.gov) 617-918-1645
Low Emitting Vehicles (LEVs) Ariel Garcia (garcia.ariel@epa.gov) 617-918-1660
MOVES Modeling Ariel Garcia (garcia.ariel@epa.gov) 617-918-1660
Mobile Sources Ariel Garcia (garcia.ariel@epa.gov) 617-918-1660
Nitrogen Oxides Control Bob McConnell (mcconnell.robert@epa.gov) 617-918-1046
Non-road Emission Sources Bob McConnell (mcconnell.robert@epa.gov) 617-918-1046
Ozone Modeling Rich Burkhart (burkhart.richard@epa.gov) 617-918-1664
Ozone Transport and Attainment Rich Burkhart (burkhart.richard@epa.gov) 617-918-1664
Particulate Matter Programs Alison Simcox (simcox.alison@epa.gov) 617-918-1684
Reformulated Gasoline (RFG) John Rogan (rogan.john@epa.gov) 617-918-1645
Regional Haze Anne McWilliams (mcwilliams.anne@epa.gov) 617-918-1697
Stage II Vapor Recovery Programs Ariel Garcia (garcia.ariel@epa.gov) 617-918-1660
State Implementation Plan (SIP) Submittals Ariel Garcia (garcia.ariel@epa.gov) 617-918-1660
Transportation Conformity Ariel Garcia (garcia.ariel@epa.gov) 617-918-1660
Transportation Planning Gary Rennie (rennie.gary@epa.gov) 617-918-1525
Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Programs Ariel Garcia (garcia.ariel@epa.gov) 617-918-1660
Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Control Regulations Bob McConnell (mcconnell.robert@epa.gov) 617-918-1046
Dave Mackintosh (mackintosh.david@epa.gov) 617-918-1584

Manager: Anne Arnold (arnold.anne@epa.gov)
Main Telephone Number: (617) 918-1047
Fax Number: (617) 918-1505

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