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Waste Management in Indian Country

Solid & Hazardous Waste Support for First Nations in Region 7

Waste Management in Indian Country The Tribal Solid Waste Team provides solid and hazardous waste support for the First Nations. The Tribal Solid Waste Team is committed to developing strategic and sustainable paths for the First Nations. The Team is responsible for developing Tribal capacity so that the Tribes themselves can implement waste management programs, which help assure clean water, clean air and clean land. First Nations, both in Region 7 and nationally, have identified solid waste matters as among the highest priorities for environmental management. Furthermore, Region 7 has identified three key regional priorities which the team believes are fully coincident with solid waste work in Indian Country.

These priorities are:

The Tribes served by Region 7 can receive solid waste funding from the following EPA sources:

Many tribes have found creative ways to reduce and better manage municipal solid waste through a mix of practices that includes source reduction, recycling (including composting), and disposal. The resources on the national "Waste Management in Indian Country", page contains a wealth of information on municipal solid waste management including:

Additional resources include sections on

For further information, contact the Tribal Solid Waste Team member:

Gayle Hubert (913) 551-7439

Toll-free 1-800-223-0425 (within Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska)

Click here to see the list of the federally-recognized Indian Tribal Governments in Region 7

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