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Region 7 Air Program

Serving Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and 9 Tribal Nations

Federally Approved Regulations and
State Implementation Plan Summaries

Federally Approved Rules
The Clean Air Act gives states primary authority to manage air quality resources. To ensure some level of consistency from state to state, EPA requires air pollution control agencies to develop control plans based on broad Federal statutes and associated regulations. The elements of most importance to the overall control strategy are the State Implementation Plan, the Section 111(d) Plan, the Section 112(l) Plan, the Title V Operating Permit Program, and other delegated Federal air pollution control programs.

The links on this page allow you to view EPA-approved rules for the Region 7 states. You can also use the State Rule Resources links to view rules and rulemaking activities for each of the Region 7 states. Please note that a state's air quality rules may differ from those approved by EPA. This may happen because a state has yet to submit a rule or rule revision to us for approval, or we have not approved a rule or rule revision that a state has submitted. Without EPA approval, a state's change to a rule contained in the EPA-approved SIP has no affect on a citizens authority to enforce the EPA-approved rule in Federal court.

The electronic versions of these approved regulations are in Adobe Portable Document Format. You will need to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. Federally approved regulations for Region 7 states which are not available electronically can be obtained from:

    Jan Simpson
    EPA Region 7
    Air Planning and Development Branch
    11201 Renner Boulevard
    Lenexa, Kansas 66219
    (913) 551-7089
    Email: simpson.jan@epa.gov
Disclaimer: We have taken considerable care to ensure that the web version of Federally approved regulations match those formally approved by EPA pursuant to the Clean Air Act. However, differences may occur. In the event of a discrepancy between the web compilation and the official State Implementation Plan, the official State Implementation Plan will govern. For more information about the official State Implementation Plan, consult 40 C.F.R. Part 52 and subsections relevant to the state of interest.

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