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Scrap Tires Programs

New York State Waste Tire Program

In New York State, an estimated 18-20 million waste tires are generated each year (approximately one tire per person per year). Management of waste tires is handled by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). In June 2002, NYSDEC prepared a waste tire stockpile inventory which identified approximately 97 locations, containing an estimated 26 million tires. Industry experts have predicted that there may be as many as 50 million waste tires stockpiled across the state. Six of the 97 identified sites are estimated to contain over 1 million waste tires each.

The Waste Tire Management and Recycling Act of 2003 requires a surcharge of $2.50 per tire (including tires and spares on newly purchased vehicles). Of that amount, $2.25 is applied to the Waste Tire and Recycling Management Fund which is dedicated to the clean up of tire stockpiles and market development programs for scrap tires, subject to legislative authority. Thus, funds are available for enumeration and assessment of non compliant tire piles, aerial reconnaissance, determination of location and characterization of piles as well as abatement of non compliant waste tire stock piles. A total of six state agencies are involved in various aspects of this work as well as pilot projects which are instrumental in creating markets for scrap tire use.

The agencies are: Exit EPA disclaimer

  1. New York State Department of Transportation - tire shred initiative.
  2. NY State Energy Research and Development Authority - research for sustained waste tire recycling activities
  3. Department of Health - threats from mosquito borne diseases
  4. Empire State Development - development of markets for scrap tire feedstock
  5. Department of Environmental Conservation- tire pile identification, abatement,enforcement activities
    Contact Information
      Organization and phone numbers of NYSDEC regional offices
    General Information
      Potential environmental and health problems associated with tire piles.
      List of tire facilities where tires have burned
    Tire Tips

      Tips for owners/operators of vehicles.
    Waste Tire Storage Facilities
      Listing of facilities registered to accept waste tires

State Contacts:

Shane Nelson
(201) 637-3130


New Jersey State Waste Tire Program

Approximately eight million scrap tires are generated in NJ each year or one scrap tire per person per year.. These are held in 23 major piles around the State.

Scrap tire management in guided by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). For the past two years, NJDEP has awarded grants of approximately $2.4 million per year for large scale scrap tire cleanup projects through grants. As part of this program, grantees were required to provide a funding match equal to 25% of the Department's grant and a cap of $200,000 per grant for the first year. These requirements were dropped by the second year, which encouraged greater participation. Nevertheless , approximately five million tires remain in stockpiles around the State (despite the increasing number of legal options available to generators of scrap tires, illegal dumping remains a significant problem). NJDEP has recommended that the NJ State Legislature establish a dedicated source of funding for scrap tire management and stockpile remediation.

NJDEP has supported technical and financial support to develop potential end market applications. Some of the most prominent include use of scrapt tires for playground and equestrian track surfacing, alternative fule and civil engineering applications, mitigation for scouring around bridge piers, and susbtitution for gravel in the trenches of septic systems.

State Contact:

Steven Rinaldi, 609-984-3438
Program Coordinator

New Jersey State Department of Environmental Protection Exit EPA disclaimer
Scrap Tire Facilities and Tipping Fees
Final Scrap Tire Management Fund Entitlement Program
  The Procedural Guide and Spending Plan Form is available.

EPA Program contact:

Lorraine Graves


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