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Waste Industry

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste Identification Rule (HWIR) - EPA proposed several significant changes to the hazardous waste identification process in its HWIR: Waste proposed rule. Some of the proposals have been finalized, while others remain under review.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Managing Your Hazardous Waste: A Guide for Small Businesses
The Hazardous Waste Facility Permitting Process: A Citizens Guide

RCRA Permit Policy Compendium - The electronic version of the RCRA Permit Policy Compendium (RPPC) is no longer available. However, all documents previously contained in the RPPC can now be accessed through RCRA Online, an electronic database that contains thousands of letters, memoranda, and questions and answers by EPA's Office of Solid Waste (OSW). EPA merged the RPPC into RCRA Online to provide the regulated community with a "one-stop" access to information.

To obtain a hard copy of the RPPC, contact Norma Abdul-Malik at (703) 308-8753 or by email at Abdul-Malik.Norma@epa.gov.

Hazardous Waste Combustors: Revised Standards: Final Rule - Part 1
RCRA Comparable Fuel Exclusion; Permit Modifications for Hazardous Waste Combustion Units; Notification of Intent To Comply; Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention Criteria for Compliance Extensions

Minimization/Pollution Prevention

The National Waste Minimization Program promotes a long-term national effort to minimize the generation of hazardous chemicals in wastes regulated by EPA. It emphasizes source reduction and environmentally sound recycling over waste treatment and disposal. For information on EPA Region 2's involvement in this program, please call Joseph Malki at 212-637-4101 or email him at malki.joseph@epa.gov

Waste Minimization and Resources Programs - technical resources, programs and projects.

EPA Region 2's Pollution Prevention (P2) Office promotes natural resource conservation and pollutant elimination/reduction through more efficient use of materials, energy, water and land. P2 efforts are integrated into a wide range of EPA Region 2 activities, including compliance assistance, enforcement, and voluntary environmental programs.


Partners for the Environment
Waste Minimization: Tools & Projects


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