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Merck & Company Incorporated

EPA Identification Number: NJD001317064
Facility Location: 126 East Lincoln Avenue, Rahway & Linden Cities, New Jersey 07065
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Facility Contact: Bruce M. Wallington, (732) 594-5361
EPA Contact: Clifford Ng, (212) 637-4113, ng.clifford@epa.gov
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Case Manager: Haiyesh Shah, (609) 633-0718
Last Updated: October 2005
Environmental Indicator Status: Human Exposures Under Control [PDF 44.71 KB, 10 pp] has been verified.
Groundwater Contamination Under Control: No status has been recorded.

Site Description

The Merck facility is located at 126 East Lincoln Avenue in Rahway and Linden Cities, Union County, New Jersey on 210 acres. The facility is bordered by residential and industrial areas. The company develops and produces pharmaceutical products. The facility began operations in 1903.

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) issued a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) permit that allows the operation of the hazardous waste drum storage areas and storage tanks. EPA issued a RCRA permit and NJDEP issued an order, both of which require a cleanup of the entire site.

Potential Threats and Contaminants

Soils and groundwater at the site are contaminated with organics and inorganic compounds, pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls. The sources of contamination are the research, manufacturing and waste management operations at the site.

Cleanup Approach and Progress

Site-wide investigations, which began in 1991, were completed in early 1999. The proposed cleanups target the contaminated groundwater and soils, the former north plant landfill, and Kings Creek. Proposed measures include pumping and treating contaminated groundwater, as well as excavating, treating and capping contaminated soil.

On October 7, 1999, EPA issued a RCRA permit, formally imposing the proposed cleanup measures. However, a citizen appealed the permit claiming that the investigations performed by Merck were questionable. However, the investigations were overseen by NJDEP and EPA. The EPA Permit Appeals Board denied the appeal and the permit became effective on August 1, 2000. In accordance with the permit's requirements, Merck submitted a remedial action work plan in October 2000 and is currently implementing the work plan.

Merck will continue to implement a remedial of the site. If deemed necessary, additional remedial measures will be implemented.

Site Repository

Copies of supporting technical documents and correspondence cited in the site fact sheet are available for public review at the following location:

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Solid & Hazardous Waste
Records Center
401 E. State Street, 6th Floor
Trenton, NJ 08625
Telephone: (609) 777-3373

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) makes available its public records through formal request under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA).


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