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Huntsman Corporation

Other (Former) Names of Site:Shell Chemical Company

EPA Identification Number: NJD002482602
Facility Location: Mantua Grove Road, West Deptford Township, New Jersey 08096

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Facility Contact: Pete Zeitz, (856) 423-8652
EPA Contact: None
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Case Manager: Sylvia Pearce, (609) 633-1414, sylvia.pierce@dep.state.nj.us
Last Updated: June 2009
Environmental Indicator Status: Human Exposures Under Control PDF 150.0 KB, 23 pp]has been verified.
Groundwater Contamination Under Control[PDF 155.1 KB, 33 pp] has been verified.

Site Description

Huntsman Corporation is located on Mantua Grove Road in West Deptford Township, New Jersey. The Shell Chemical Company manufactured polypropylene pellets at this facility since 1961. Shell stored waste oil and burned it in an on-site boiler. In 1987, Shell sold the site to the Huntsman Corporation, which continued the same operations.The boiler was closed in 1998 and Huntsman stopped all operations at the site on March 9, 1999.

Potential Threats and Contaminants

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) approved Shell's investigation and cleanup work, so there were no remaining environmental concerns from its operations. However, when Huntsman closed, it also had to submit an initial assessment report and a site investigation report, which identified potentially contaminated areas caused by leaks and spills. The majority of these areas had oil-stained soils and some had metal-contaminated groundwater. Huntsman excavated all contaminated soils in these areas.

Cleanup Approach and Progress

To sell the property to Huntsman in 1987, Shell completed a site investigation, including a thorough evaluation of 31 contaminated areas, and did soil excavations. After removing the sources of contamination and the contaminated soils, Shell monitored the groundwater and determined that standards were not being exceeded. NJDEP approved Shell's investigation and completion of the cleanup work, issuing a letter on December 16, 1992 that notified the company of its full compliance.

After Huntsman operated at the site for about 12 years, it collected soil and groundwater samples during its site investigation and excavated all contaminated soils. Huntsman also proposed that since its site falls within an aquifer region that is not used for drinking water, no further action is needed for the slight groundwater exceedences. NJDEP approved the investigation and cleanup work Huntsman performed. NJDEP determined, and issued a letter dated June 5, 2002, that no further action is required for the entire site and no restrictions were imposed on the use of the property.

Final Cleanup Status or Projection

No further action is required for the site.

Site Repository

Copies of supporting technical documents and correspondence cited in the site fact sheet are available for public review at the following location:

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Solid & Hazardous Waste
Records Center
401 E. State Street, 6th Floor
Trenton, NJ 08625
Telephone: (609) 777-3373

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) makes available its public records through formal request under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA).


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