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Beazer East Incorporated

Other (Former) Names of Site: Koppers Company

EPA Identification Number: NJD000542282
Facility Location: Maritime and Tyler Streets, Port Newark, New Jersey 07114  
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Facility Contact: Mitchell Brourman, (412) 208-8805
EPA Contact: None
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Case Manager: William Koba, (609) 984-1854, william.koba@dep.state.nj.us
Last Updated: October 2010
Environmental Indicator Status: Human Exposures Under Control [PDF 125.46 KB, 23 pp] has been verified.
Groundwater Contamination Under Control [PDF 120.45 KB, 29 pp] has been verified.

Site Description

The Beazer East Inc. site consists of approximately eight acres, located on Maritime and Tyler Streets, between the Elizabeth and Port Newark shipping channels, in Essex County, New Jersey. Several wood-treating facilities were located at the site from 1940 until operations ceased in May 1991. The former wood-treating facilities have been removed from the property, and the site soil has been remediated and covered. The entire site is surrounded by a fence and is located in an area that is primarily industrial. The site is currently being used for container (cargo) storage.

Potential Threats and Contaminants

Soil and groundwater studies identified chemical compounds in concentrations above state standards, including arsenic, copper, benzene, xylenes, 2,4-dimethylphenol, acenaphthene, benzo(a)anthracene, benzo(b)fluoranthene, chrysene, fluorene, naphthalene, benzo(a)pyrene, and benzo(k)fluoranthene.

Cleanup Approach and Progress

The facility is being cleaned up under the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Property Transfer Program. NJDEP approved a proposal to remediate the soils in 1999. The soil remediation was completed in 2002 and entailed mixing the top two feet of soil at the site, and areas of deeper contaminated soil, with Portland cement to contain the contaminants. The entire site was covered with asphalt so that rainwater does not filter through the ground and transport the contaminants. Chemical contaminants are being monitored and removed from the deeper aquifer. A fence around the perimeter of the site is being maintained to prevent unauthorized access.

The company is monitoring the groundwater and NJDEP will determine a long-term approach to cleaning up the groundwater.

Final Cleanup Status or Projection

Site Repository

Copies of supporting technical documents and correspondence cited in the site fact sheet are available for public review at the following location:

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Solid & Hazardous Waste
Records Center
401 E. State Street, 6th Floor
Trenton, NJ 08625
Telephone: (609) 777-3373

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) makes available its public records through formal request under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA).


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