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Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Components

Resource Conservation And Recovery Act (RCRA) - 42. U.S.C. § 6901

The law that establishes the RCRA program. It describes the kind of solid and hazardous waste management activities that are regulated at the federal level. The Act also provides the Administrator of EPA (or his or her designee) with the authority to implement the Act. In addition, it provides for state authorization, which allows States to implement the requirements.

Outline of Act Exit EPA disclaimer - The U. S. Code collection provided on the Legal Information Institute (LII) Web site. The U.S. Code is the codification by subject matter of the general and permanent laws of the United States.


The legal mechanism that establishes standards or imposes requirements as mandated by the Act. RCRA regulations are promulgated by EPA, published in the Federal Register, and codified in the e-CFR.

The e-CFR is not an official edition of the CFR, which is printed annually by the Government Printing Office (GPO).  However, the GPO updates the e-CFR daily with Federal Register amendments, making it a more current, if unofficial version of the CFR.


Guidelines developed and issued by EPA to provide instructions on how to implement requirements of either the Act or regulations.

RCRA Online - The RCRA Online database is designed to enable users to locate documents, including publications and other outreach materials, that cover a wide range of RCRA issues and topics.


Statements developed by EPA outlining a position and imposing requirements.

Policies and Guidance Documents


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