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The "Green Team"
Promoting Green Construction & Operations

The environmental impacts of major development projects – office buildings, shopping malls, sports stadiums, college campuses, and the like -- don’t end with construction.  From design and construction to operation and maintenance and all the way through to demolition, man-made structures can use tremendous amounts of energy and natural resources, while generating large quantities of waste.  Buildings, through the sheer amount of power they use, are responsible for some 40 percent of the nation’s energy consumption and 40 percent of its carbon dioxide emissions. For these reasons, EPA Region 2 works in partnership with public, private and government organizations to reduce the environmental impacts of their buildings and operations, which in turn, reduce construction, operation and maintenance costs.

The EPA Region 2 Green MOU Program helps building developers and facility managers incorporate more sustainable construction, operation and maintenance practices through voluntary agreements called memorandums of understanding (MOU’s).
The Green MOUs are tailored to each partner and incorporate technologies and practices that directly help partners to:

Read about the EPA Partnership Programs for the Green Team.

As of November 1, 2013, 24 Green MOU Partners joined EPA in “Going Green” in a real and measurable manner. Seven sectors are represented: retail, professional sports teams, higher education, real estate/property management, federal, insurance/financial and health care/hospitals. View Press Releases, MOU's, and Latest Environmental Assessments.

A few of the many achievements of the Green MOU program are:



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