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New York Ozone SIP: 1-Hour Ozone Attainment Demonstration State Implementation Plan and 2007 Transportation Conformity Budgets

Federal Register Dates:
February 4, 2002 Final Rule 67 FR 5170
December 16, 1999 Proposal 64 FR 70364

EPA Approval Date:
EPA's approval of One-hour Ozone attainment demonstrations and 2007 Transportation Conformity Budgets was effective on March 6, 2002.

State Submittal:
SIP revisions dated November 27, 1998, April 15, 1999 and April 18, 2000.

Affected Areas:
New York portion of the New York, Northern New Jersey, Long Island severe ozone nonattainment area.

New York submitted a 1-hour ozone attainment demonstration. This demonstration consisted of: photochemical grid modeling results for three episodes representing different weather conditions, additional evidence to demonstrate attainment for the nonattainment area, VOC and NOx emission inventories, and identification of control measures needed to attain. EPA evaluated this information and performed additional analysis and concluded that additional assurances were needed to conclusively determine that the New York 1-hour Ozone Attainment SIP will result in attainment. New York provided this assurance by committing to adopt additional control measures which would result in the EPA-identified VOC and NOx emission reductions and to perform a mid-course review which would determine whether New York was still on track to attain.

New or Revised Regulations Included As Part of the SIP:

The SIP revisions include the enforceable commitments for future actions associated with attainment of the 1-hour ozone national ambient air quality:

  1. To adopt additional control measures by October 31, 2001 to meet the level of reductions identified by EPA for attainment of the 1-hour ozone standard;
  2. To submit revised State Implementation Plan and motor vehicle emissions budgets by October 31, 2001 if additional adopted measures affect the motor vehicle emissions inventory;
  3. To revise State Implementation Plan and attainment year motor vehicle emissions budgets within one year after the MOBILE6 mobile emissions model is released;
  4. To perform a mid-course review and submit the results to EPA by December 31, 2003.

EPA Region 2 Contact:
Kirk Wieber (212) 637-3381


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