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New York Carbon Monoxide SIP: Oxygenated Gasoline Control Period

Federal Register Dates:
July 25, 1996 Final Rule 61 FR 38594
September 15, 1995 Proposal 60 FR 47911

EPA Approval Date:
EPA's approval of New York's Carbon Monoxide SIP revision was effective on August 26, 1996.

State Submittal:
SIP revision dated September 21, 1990, November 13, 1992, September 27, 1993, and March 21, 1994

Affected Areas:
New York City Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area

These revisions consist of vehicle miles traveled forecast, contingency measures, carbon monoxide emission inventory, multi-state coordination letter, Downtown Brooklyn Master Plan, and oxygenated gasoline program.

New or Revised Regulations Included As Part of the SIP:
Part 225-3, "Fuel Composition and Use - Gasoline"


EPA Region 2 Contact:
Henry Feingersh (212) 637-3382


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