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New Jersey SIP Summaries: Reasonably Available Control Measure (RACM) Analysis and Additional Ozone Control Measures

Federal Register Dates:
September 24, 2001 Proposal 66 FR 48847
October 16, 2001 Extension of comment period 66 FR 53560
February 4, 2002 Final Rule 67 FR 5152 (elements approved as part of a larger action)

EPA Approval Date:
EPA's approval of RACM Analysis and identification of additional control measures was effective on March 6, 2002.

State Submittal:
SIP revision dated June 18, 2001.

Affected Areas:
New Jersey portions of two severe ozone nonattainment areas--the New York, Northern New Jersey, Long Island Area, and the Philadelphia, Wilmington, Trenton Area.

EPA is approving New Jersey's Reasonably Available Control Measures (RACM) analysis. EPA reviewed the RACM analysis and considering it in light of EPA policy and guidance, EPA concludes that the emission reductions from the potential RACM measures will not advance the one-hour ozone attainment date and thus there are no additional potential RACM measures that can be considered RACM for New Jersey's two severe one-hour ozone nonattainment areas.

With respect to additional control measures designed to meet the one-hour ozone standard, New Jersey has identified the regional model rules developed by the Ozone Transport Commission as those which the State will be pursuing rulemaking for and which should result in sufficient emission reductions to achieve the reductions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxides ( NOX) needed to attain the one-hour ozone standard. New Jersey will be taking future rulemaking actions to adopt these measures and submit them as SIP revisions.

New Regulations Included As Part of the SIP:


EPA Region 2 Contact:
Michael Moltzen (212) 637-3710


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