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New Jersey Carbon Monoxide SIP: VMT Forecast and Multi-state coordination commitment

Federal Register Dates:
November 10, 1994 Proposal 59 FR 56019
July 25, 1996 Final Rule 61 FR 38591

EPA Approval Date:
EPA's approval of portions of the CO Plan were effective on August 26, 1996.

State Submittal:
SIP revisions dated November 15, 1992 and November 21, 1994.

Affected Areas:
The New Jersey portions of the New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island CO nonattainment area.

EPA is approving New Jersey's vehicle miles traveled forecast and multi-state coordination commitment and is giving limited approval to New Jersey's new source review regulation (Subchapter 18). These are three of the required elements needed for a fully approved CO SIP.

New Regulations Included As Part of the SIP:
NJAC 7:27, Subchapter 18, Control and Prohibition of Air Pollution from New or Altered Sources Affecting Ambient Air Quality (Emission Offset Rules), effective March 15, 1993. Limited as discussed in the Final Rule.


EPA Region 2 Contact:
Henry Feingersh (212) 637-3382.


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