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New Jersey SIP Summaries: Nitrogen oxides Budget and Allowance Trading Program (NOx SIP Call)

Federal Register Dates:
November 30, 2000 Proposal 65 FR 71278
December 12, 2000 Correction 65 FR 77695
May 22, 2001 Final Rule 66 FR 28063

EPA Approval Date:
EPA's approval of New Jersey's Program to meet the NOx SIP Call Program requirements was effective on June 21, 2001.

State Submittal:
SIP revisions dated December 10, 1999 and July 31, 2000.

Affected Areas:

The EPA is approving New Jersey's SIP revision as meeting the requirements of the EPA's regulation entitled, "Finding of Significant Contribution and Rulemaking for Certain States in the Ozone Transport Assessment Group Region for Purposes of Reducing Regional Transport of Ozone," known as the "NOX SIP Call." The SIP revision includes a narrative and a regulation that establish a statewide NOx budget and a NOX allowance trading program that begins in 2003 for large electricity generating and industrial sources.

New Regulations Included As Part of the SIP:
NJAC 7:27 Subchapter 31 NOx Budget Trading, effective August 21, 2000.


EPA Region 2 Contact:
Richard Ruvo (212) 637-4014


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