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New Jersey Ozone: 15 Percent Rate of Progress Plan and Phase I and II Ozone Implementation Plans

Federal Register Dates:
March 1, 1999 Proposal FR 64 FR 9952
April 23, 1999 Final rule FR 64 FR 19913

EPA Approval Date:
EPA's approval of 15% ROP Plans and related plan elements was effective on April 23, 1999.

State Submittal:
SIP revision dated December 31, 1996, July 30, 1998, and February 10, 1999.

Affected Areas:
New Jersey portions of two severe ozone nonattainment areas--the New York, Northern New Jersey, Long Island Area, and the Philadelphia, Wilmington, Trenton Area.

EPA approved the Revised 15 Percent Rate of Progress (ROP) Plans, recalculation of the 9 Percent ROP Plans, revisions to the 1990 base year emission inventories, revisions to the 1996 and 1999 projection year emission inventories, and the 1999 transportation conformity budgets.

The following control measures are relied upon to meet the 15% ROP Plan requirements:
Mobile Sources: National Low Emission Vehicle Program, Federal Off highway small engines, Revisions to Basic I/M program;
Stationary Sources: NJ Landfill controls, NJ Architectural Coatings rule, Federal Architectural Coatings rule,
and Federal Autobody Refinishing rule.

In addition, this approved SIP revision corrects the deficiency which led EPA to disapprove New Jersey's 15 Percent ROP Plans on December 12, 1997. Consequently, the sanction and Federal Implementation Plan (FIP) process that was started by EPA's disapproval are terminated. The sanction clock associated with the State's failure to implement the enhanced inspection and maintenance program continues to run.

New Regulations Included As Part of the SIP:


EPA Region 2 Contact:
Paul Truchan
(212) 637-3711


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