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Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Wheeling)

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Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Wheeling) Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Wheeling)

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EPA ID:WVD981034101
10 Industrial Park
Wheeling, WV 26003
Property Area: 4 acres
Congressional District:
Final Update

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Government Contacts

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Region 3
Leonard Hotham 3LC20
1650 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029
Phone:(215) 814-5788
Email: hotham.leonard@epa.gov

WVDEP Project Manager
 Kenan Cetin, Ph.D.
Environmental Resources Specialist
Division of Land Restoration
O601 57th Street, SE
Charleston, WV 25304
Phone: (304) 926-0440
Email: Kenan.Cetin@wv.gov

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Site Description

  • The Safety-Kleen facility is located at 10 Industrial Park, Wheeling, West Virginia. The facility is approximately 3,000 feet north of the intersection of U.S. Highway 250 and U.S. Highway 40 and is located in a heavy industrial area in northern Wheeling. Safety Kleen is currently bordered to the Northeast by Liquid Assets Disposal Incorporated, to the East by W. A. Wilson Incorporated, and to the west and northwest is Wheeling Creek, light commercial and residential areas, and the Ohio River approximately 2,100 feet in the same direction.
  • Safety Kleen is currently owned by Safety-Kleen Systems, Incorporated, of Plano, Texas, and is an accumulation point for spent solvents generated by its customers and a distribution center for clean solvents to be delivered to its customers. The spent solvents are ultimately shipped to a Safety-Kleen recycling facility or a contract reclaimer, and then returned to the Safety-Kleen's customers as product.
  • This facility has operated at the site since 1984 and consists of several structures situated on 1.28 acres of land. These structures include a building with offices and a warehouse for container storage, a flammable waste storage building, and two tank farms surrounded by concrete diking.

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  • Constituents of potential concern (COPCs) in groundwater are Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons as Diesel, Tetrachloroethene and Trichloroethene. Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons are above WV's groundwater protection standards. Tetrachloroethene and Trichloroethene are present above their respective Federal Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) at one or more locations in groundwater. The source of the Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents is indeterminate. There does not appear to be any contaminated groundwater leaving the site at concentrations that pose unacceptable risk to people and the environment. Drinking water is provided via a public drinking water source in the area.
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    Photos, Maps and Diagrams

    Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Wheeling)
    Safety Kleen

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    For more information about EPA’s corrective action webpage, including Environmental Indicators, please visit our site at: www.epa.gov/reg3wcmd/ca/correctiveaction.htm

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