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Facilities Lead Program
Participating Facilities

For additional facility information, go to the following links:
• Click on the facility name to view the facility fact sheet which is an Adobe Acrobat PDF File [About PDF]
• Click on the location name to view a map of the facility using Google Maps

District of Columbia

Facility Name EPA ID# Location Facility Lead Enrollment Date
Naval Research Lab DC8170024311 Washington 8/19/03


Facility Name EPA ID# Location Facility Lead Enrollment Date
Gore W L & Associates Inc. DED002331536 Newark 5/13/08


Facility Name EPA ID# Location Facility Lead Enrollment Date
P & R Rail Car Service Corp MDD078288354 Elkton 10/9/01
Precoat Metals of a division of Sequa Corp MDD069380657 Elkridge 9/27/00
Rockwood Pigments MDD062011796 Beltsville 8/19/05
Sherwin-Williams MDD000215160 Baltimore 3/17/05
Smith, F Bowie & Son Inc. MDD003100336 Baltimore 4/4/05


Facility Name EPA ID# Location Facility Lead Enrollment Date
Beazer East Inc (Koppers) PAD063764898 Bridgeville 10/11/00
BP Oil PAD071612683 Marcus Hook 10/04/00
Former Elf Atochem PAD002290823 Bensalem 04/28/00
Harley Davidson PAD001643691 York 05/20/02
Honeywell Intl. Inc. PAD981739758 Marcus Hook 01/20/00
Indespec Chemical Corp (Koppers) PAD004336731 Petrolia 05/06/04
Sartomer Co Inc PAD042259374 West Chester 04/09/01


Facility Name EPA ID# Location Facility Lead Enrollment Date
Alco Controls Div VAD065415457 Wytheville 10/8/08
Ashland Inc VAD003122165 Courtland 10/28/99
Atlantic Bulk Carrier VAD000799379 Charles City 07/13/09
BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair VAD003175072 Norfolk 9/19/05
BASF Corp. VAD990710642 Williamsburg 1/5/05
Bingham & Taylor VAD003064490 Culpeper 10/22/99
Boehringer Ingelheim Chemicals, Inc. VAD093561652 Petersburg 2/21/07
Celanese Acetate VAD005007679 Narrows 1/27/06
Clean Harbors Environmental Service VAD988175055 Hopewell 1/5/07
Dupont Teijin Films VAD000019273 Hopewell 12/27/06
Fareva Richmond Inc. VAD188141626 Richmond 9/15/06
FEC Bioremediation Facility VAD086293719 Richmond 4/21/08
Firestone Fibers & Textiles VAD003112588 Hopewell 3/28/02
Former Exxon Mobile Manassas VAD048565279 Manassas 10/11/00
Former J G Wilson Corp VAR000000125 Chesapeake 8/25/04
GE Intelligent Platforms VAD980551782 Charlottersville 11/4/04
Hampton Industrial Plating Site VAD037426228 Yorktown 9/18/04
Hand Craft Cleaners VAD988169819 Richmond 6/14/02
Hercules Inc.- Hopewell Plant VAD003121928 Hopewell 2/4/00
Honeywell Resins & Chemicals VAD023690183 Chesterfield 1/7/00
Hubbell Lighting VAD058913294 Christiansburg 9/12/06
International Paper (Franklin Mill) VAD003112265 Franklin 3/13/03
Nevamar Co. LLC VAD044736213 Waverly 1/11/00
Northrup Grumman Systems Corp. VAD003123833 Charlottesville 1/2/08
Philips Electronics NA Corp. -The Genie Co Site VAD000019620 Shenandoah 7/2/07
Royston Corp. VAD980821283 Lofton 7/6/06
Sims Metal VAD980918211 Suffolk 8/24/06
Sterling Casket Hardware VAD000020115 Abingdon 8/21/02
US Army Garrison, Fort AP Hill VA2210020416 Fort AP Hill 1/28/00
University of Virginia VAD999820712 Charolttesville 10/21/99
Virgnia Dept. of Transportation -Elco Materials VAD980919189 Richmond 10/28/08
Western Refining Yorktown , Inc. VAD050990357 Yorktown 12/5/06
Wood Preservers Inc VAD003113750 Warsaw 8/9/02

West Virginia

Facility Name EPA ID# Location Facility Lead Enrollment Date
Union Carbide WVD005005483 South Charleston 10/26/99
Union Carbide PTO WVD000739722 South Charleston 10/26/99
Union Carbide Tech Center WVD060682291 South Charleston 10/26/99
XSYS Print Solutions US,LLC WVD000068601 Huntington 12/7/99

For more information on the Facility Lead Corrective Action program, please contact EPA Region 3's Luis Pizarro , email at: or phone : 215-814-3444

Region 3 The Mid-Atlantic States

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