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Public Meeting

EPA/Exide Public Meeting
Agenda and Presenters
August 8, 2002

Public Meeting Moderator
Paul Gotthold
RCRA Corrective Action, PA Operations
Phone #: 1(800) 352-1973, ext. 4-3410
Email: gotthold.paul@epa.gov


Exide Investigation and
Soil Clean-up Update:

Khai M. Dao

EPA Project Manager


Phone #: 1(800) 352-1973, ext. 4-5467

Email: dao.khai@epa.gov


Betty Ann Quinn



Phone #: 1(800) 352-1973, ext. 4-3388

Email: quinn.elizabeth@epa.gov


Step Two Investigation and Blood Lead Study:

(Exide's Consultants)


Teresa S. Bowers, Ph.D.

Risk Assessor

Gradient Corporation

Phone #: (617) 395-5000

Email: tbowers@gradientcorp.com


Paul Hagerty, P.E.
Senior Project Manager
Advanced GeoServices Corp.
Phone #: (610) 558-3300
Email: phagerty@agcinfo.com

Jennifer Carling
Advance GeoServices Corp.
Phone #: 1(800) 824-3992, ext. 152
Email: jcarling@agcinfo.com

Exide Project Manager:

Dustin C. Shank
Project Manager
Exide Technologies
Phone #: (610) 921-4063
Email: dshank@exideworld.com



EPA/Exide Public Meeting
August 8, 2002
Muhlenberg Middle School

1.   Updated Study Area

2.    Progress of the Residential Soil Clean-ups

3.    Status of Berhnart Park

4.    Step Two Investigation

5.   Questions and Answers Session

6.   Ongoing and Future Activities

7.   Exide Facility Air Quality Emissions

Region 3 The Mid-Atlantic States

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