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Soil Removal and Property Restoration of the Initial Nineteen (19) Residential Properties

As an interim measure, the Administrative Order on Consent (AOC) requires Exide to clean-up nineteen properties adjacent to the facility as directed by a Consent Order and Agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP), which was issued on May 22, 2000. The clean-up consists of removing contaminated soil, backfilling with clean soil and restoring the properties as close as possible to their original state. After soil removal, Exide conducted confirmatory sampling to verify that each property achieved the cleanup level. The clean up of the nineteen properties were completed in October 2000. The following photos were taken during the clean-ups.                 

Figure 1: Excavation Preparation Before Soil Removal
Figure 2: Soil Removal of Residential Properties
Figure 3: Hand Excavation in Narrow Areas
Figure 4: Completion of Soil Removal
Figure 5: Restoration of Residential Properties
Figure 6: Final Layer of Topsoil Before Re-seeding
Figure 7: Residential Property Re-seeded
Figure 8: Completion of Property Restoration


Exide Photo 1.jpg (59444 bytes)

Figure 1

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Figure 2

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Figure 3

Exide Photo 4.jpg (50053 bytes)

Figure 4


Exide Photo 5.jpg (59346 bytes)

Figure 5


Exide Photo 6.jpg (54673 bytes)

Figure 6


Exide Photo 7.jpg (55670 bytes)

Figure 7


Exide Photo 8.jpg (60947 bytes)

Figure 8

Region 3 The Mid-Atlantic States

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