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Permits Issued by the Mid-Atlantic Region

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Industrial Wastewater discharges result from water use in industrial/manufacturing operations or from municipal/domestic/household sewage collection and treatment. Wastewater discharges also include discharges from vessels, silvicultural activities, concentrated aquatic animal production facilities and aquaculture projects.

NPDES permits are issued for these direct dischargers of wastewater by EPA Region 3 States, with the exception of the District of Columbia and Federal facilities in Delaware where EPA Region 3 is the permitting authority.



Because the authority to implement the NPDES program has not been delegated to the District of Columbia (DC), EPA Region 3 remains the permitting authority for DC and is responsible for permit issuance.

Blue Plains - Final Permit (PDF portfolio)(110pp. 2.5M) About PDF — - The U.S. EPA is setting new limits for wastewater discharges from the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility in DC. The permit reduces the amount of nitrogen the plant can discharge by 3.8 million pounds each year -- a 45% reduction. Read more about EPA's progress in reducing pollution from wastewater facilities.

Final Signed Minor Modification #1 to the Blue Plains Permit, May 27, 2014 (2pp, 292k, About Pdf)

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.
Current final and draft NPDES permits issued for
the District of Columbia & Delaware by EPA's Mid-Atlantic Region.
    Final Permit    
Permit No. Facility Profiles in
EPA's Enforcement and History Compliance Online (ECHO)
Facility Name Type Issue date Expiration Date Fact Sheet Press Release Current Draft Permit
DC0021199 D.C. WASA (BLUE PLAINS) Major 8/31/2010
(PDF 62pp, 2.3M)
9/30/2015 Fact Sheet
(PDF 34pp, 740K)
DC0022004 GenOn Potomac River Generating Station (formerly Mirant) Major 4/20/2000
(PDF 44pp, 1.6M)
4/19/2005 Fact Sheet
(PDF 8pp, 356K)
DC0000221 MS4 -Government of the DC Major 10/07/2011
(PDF 54pp, 647K)
10/07/2016 Fact Sheet
(PDF 38pp, 212K)
DC0000094 PEPCO-Potomac Electric CO Major 6/19/2009
(PDF 30pp, 2.0M)
6/18/2014 Fact Sheet
(PDF 22pp, 732K)
DC0000019 WASH Aquedeuct-Dalecarlia Plant Major 10/20/2008
(PDF 57pp, 2.5M)
11/19/2013 Fact Sheet
(PDF 24pp, 497K)
DC0000248 JFK Center for Performing Arts Minor 7/25/2007
(PDF 20pp, 1.2M)
7/24/2012 Fact Sheet
(PDF 3pp, 24K)
DC0000345 National World War II Memorial Minor 4/5/2010
(PDF 16pp, 650KM)
4/30/2015 Fact Sheet
(PDF 8pp, 72K)
DC0000141 Naval Station Washington Minor 12/23/2009
(PDF 54pp, 986K)
1/22/2015 Fact Sheet
(PDF 40pp, 739K)
DC0000175 Super Concrete Minor 11/25/2008
(PDF 23pp, 95k)
11/24/2013 Fact Sheet
(PDF 3pp, 24K)
DC0000361 Walter Reed Army Medical Center Minor 7/23/2008
(PDF 20pp, 284K)
7/31/2013 Fact Sheet
(PDF 6pp, 116K)
DC0000337 Washington Metro Authority Minor 4/20/2012
(PDF 21pp, 217.5K)
4/20/2017 Fact Sheet
(PDF 9pp, 62.1K)
DC0000035 GSA West Heating Plant Minor 4/25/2012
(PDF 17pp, 114K)
5/24/2017 Fact Sheet
(PDF 6pp, 103K)

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