City Landfill Six tall metal pressure tanks designed to capture methane gas stand over the old town dump The new Recycle City Landfill is excavated into a hillside. There is a bulldozer pushing a small pile of garbage into place and a dump truck emptying a load of trash.
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Recycle City has two landfills—a solid waste (or sanitary) landfill for safe disposal of regular household garbage, and a hazardous waste landfill outside of town that was built with extra safeguards to handle more dangerous industrial wastes.

When Recycle City was called Dumptown, everyone threw everything into the same big hole in the ground. The hole soon became a little mountain of trash. Hazardous material in the dump would seep into the soil and even into the groundwater under the earth's surface. The contamination was so bad, it required an expensive clean-up effort. But now, there's a much better way...

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