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Area Designations for 2006 24-Hour Fine Particle (PM2.5) Standards

2006 24-Hour PM2.5 Standards — Region 10 Area Status December 2008 (Not Final)

These are not final designations. The notice outlining these area boundaries never became effective.

This table identifies all counties EPA intended to designate as nonattainment based on 2005-2007 data. Partial counties are identified by a (P). If a county is not listed below, EPA expected it to be designated unclassifiable/attainment.

State Area Name Counties
Alaska Fairbanks, AK Fairbanks North Star (P)
Juneau, AK Juneau (P)
Idaho Logan, UT-ID Franklin (P)
Pinehurst, ID Shoshone (P)
Oregon Klamath Falls, OR Klamath (P)
Oakridge, OR Lane (P)
Washington Tacoma, WA Pierce (P)

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