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The Midwest U.S. Consortium: Expanding IPM in Public Schools

2012 Grantee: Improving Kids' Environment, Inc.
Funding Awarded: $249,936
Fact Sheet PDF (2 pp, 621k, about PDF)


Through this project, Improving Kids’ Environment and its sub-awardee, The Ohio State University, will ensure a safer and healthier learning environment for children in Ohio and Indiana through training programs, coalition building and demonstration programs. The project aims at reducing pest complaints and pesticide use by 70-90 percent in 10 demonstration schools, at no cost to the school. This work will help achieve verifiable School Integrated Pest Management (IPM) within these schools’ districts that serve more than 30,000 student in Indiana and 35,000 in Ohio.


  • Expand the existing  IPM coalition in Indiana and Ohio to include critical change agents from school districts, government agencies, regulatory bodies, pest management professionals and experts.
  • Successfully pilot IPM in 10 demonstration schools in Indiana and Ohio, leading to the eventual adoption of full-scale, verifiable school IPM practices that reduce pest complaints and pesticide use by 70-90 percent within two years.
  • Participate in the development of national pest management software, training module, measurement instruments and standards leading to national-recognized measurements, verification, and certification of IPM in the school environment.
  • Increase school facility managers’ general knowledge of safer pest management practices through training programs and information sharing.

Programs & Activities


Educational workshops, peer-to-peer networking, as well as train-the-trainer events will provide technical assistance to schools on IPM practices through the use of nationally recognized training materials.

Continuing Education Credit

The opportunity for re-certification credits for certified pesticide applicators will be available in training workshops.


Sample IPM policies and protocols regarding pesticide use and storage and methods used to manage pests will be made available.


Build database of contacts in all school districts in Indiana and Ohio to disseminate notification of events, sample documentation, and nationally developed education materials such as Pest Presses, fact sheets and other materials.

Coalition Building

  • Convene members of Indiana and Ohio School IPM Coalition for face-to-face meetings at least twice a year.
  • Provide regular updates on new educational opportunities such as webinars and fact sheets and grant opportunities.
  •  Develop a website to provide opportunities for peer-to-peer interactions as a means to post questions, provide advice, and discuss successes and failures.

Desired Outcomes

  • Additional members added to IPM Coalitions including the state lead FIFRA agency, state health and environmental agencies, members of the North Central IPM Working Group, school IPM leaders, pest management professionals, associations and organizations representing school administrators, state and local asthma coalitions, school administrators, school nurses, community organizations and children’s health experts.
  • Increased awareness and accurate perception of the human health, environmental, and economic benefits of IPM throughout schools in Ohio and Indiana.
  • The establishment of full-scale verifiable school IPM in 10 demonstration schools.
  • The adoption of national pest management software, training materials in school districts throughout Ohio and Indiana.

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