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FIFRA Section 18 Emergency Exemption Program
Information and Training Resource

Created by the Pesticide Regulatory Education Program (PREP)

May 2013

Welcome to the FIFRA Section Emergency Exemption Information and Training Resource developed by UC Davis Extension through the PREP Cooperative Agreement funded by the EPA.

This online resource will assist State or Federal agencies to determine when it is appropriate to request a Section 18 Emergency Exemption from EPA and what a complete application includes. This resource also details the purpose and processes of the Section 18 program to provide a better understanding of the program to other interested parties.

PDF versions of the training modules.

Table of Contents

  • Navigation
  • Introduction
  • Module 1:
    Options to Address Critical Pest Situations
  • Module 2:
    Section 18s in Detail
  • Module 3:
    Significant Economic Loss
  • Module 4:
    Application Requirements
  • Module 5:
    EPA Review and Decision Process
  • Module 6:
    Reporting and Recordkeeping
  • Module 7:
    Repeat Requests and Recertifications
  • Module 8:
    Interactive Review
  • Applicability in Indian Country
  • Publications | Glossary | A-Z Index | Jobs

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