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Biopesticides Registration Action Document - Bacillus thuringiensis Plant-Incorporated Protectants


This version of the Biopesticides Registration Action Document for the Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) Plant-Incorporated Protectants is dated October 15, 2001. This version corresponds to the version issued on September 29, 2001, with the following changes. The Agency has revised portions of Section I. Overview and Section II. Science Assessment relating to Cry1Ab and Cry1F proteins expressed in corn (Bt corn), in light of public comments received as of September 21, 2001. The Agency has also added two new sections entitled: "V. Bt Corn Confirmatory Data and Terms and Conditions of Amended Registration" and "VI. Regulatory Position on Bt Corn."

Table of Contents

  1. Overview (PDF) (50 pp, 339 k, about PDF)
  2. Science Assessment
    1. Product Characterization (PDF) (50 pp, 427 k, about PDF)
    2. Human Health Assessment (included in above document)
    3. Environmental Assessment (PDF) (109 pp, 804 k, about PDF)
    4. Insect Resistance Management (PDF) (153 pp, 804 k, about PDF)
    5. Benefits (PDF) (58 pp, 588 k, about PDF)
  3. Bt Cotton Confirmatory Data and Terms and Conditions of the Amendment (PDF) (31 pp, 279 k, about PDF)
  4. Regulatory Position on Bt Cotton (included in above document)
  5. Bt Corn Confirmatory Data and Terms and conditions of the Amendment (30 pp, 573 k, about PDF)
  6. Regulatory Position on Bt Corn (included in above document)

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