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Verify: Engine and Vehicle Compliance System

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Verify allows EPA to collect and analyze various types of compliance data from engine manufacturers. A number of links to pages with information on complying with mobile source regulations are shown on the compliance help page. Links to other EPA Web sites that have more general program information are listed below.

General Information

Light-Duty Vehicle Certification Information - A comprehensive information source for light-duty vehicle and engine emission certification programs.

Heavy-Duty and Nonroad Engine Certification Information - Information about heavy-duty and nonroad engine certification programs and requirements.

Federal Register Notices - Federal Register notices originated by the Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ).

Vehicle and Engine Manufacturer Compliance Guidance Letters - EPA Guidance letters are used by EPA to provide information, guidance and instructions to the regulated industries on specific compliance topics and issues.

Office of Transportation and Air Quality's (OTAQ) Document Index System (DIS) - Use OTAQ's DIS to conduct customized searches for compliance-related documents.

EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) - EPA's portal to collect electronic data from many different industries and groups.

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Compliance Help

Links to compliance information for the industry of interest can be found below. Fees information can be found at www.epa.gov/otaq/fees.htm

On-Road Vehicles and Engines

Light-Duty Vehicles


Heavy-Duty Engines

Nonroad Engines

Large Compression-Ignition (CI) Engines

Small Spark-Ignited (SI) Engines

Large Spark-Ignited (SI) Engines

Marine Compression-Ignition (CI) Engines

Marine Spark-Ignition (SI) Engines

Recreational Vehicles

Locomotive Engines

Aviation Engines

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Certification and Fuel Economy Data

Light-Duty and Motorcycle Annual Certified Test Results and Data - Annual Certification Test Results Reports

Heavy-Duty and Nonroad Engine Certification Data - Heavy-duty and nonroad engine certification information.

Light Duty Vehicle Fuel Economy Data and Testing - Test data used to determine the fuel economy estimates.

Light-Duty Automotive Technology and Fuel Economy Trends - Data on the fuel economy, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and technology trends of new light-duty vehicles

Green Vehicle Guide - Guide to help choose cleaner and more fuel-efficient vehicles.

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