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Verify: Engine and Vehicle Compliance System


You will need Adobe Reader to read some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Which industries and compliance programs will be handled by the Verify information system?

All mobile source industries and compliance processes (from pre-production certification to in-use testing) are expected to eventually be incorporated in the Verify system.

When will the Verify information system be completed?

We will continue to add industries and modules at the fastest rate possible.

How is the Verify information system different from the heavy-duty and nonroad Information Management System (IMS)?

IMS is based in the FileMaker Pro database application. Engine manufacturers are required to use FileMaker Pro to complete the certification information templates. Those template files are then sent to CISD. Verify requires only that manufacturers have a browser and access to the Internet. Also, IMS is a certification system only, whereas Verify is expected to include all mobile source compliance processes.

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What is the first step that manufacturers must complete in order to use the Verify information system?

The first step for new engine and vehicle manufacturers who have never before certified an engine or vehicle with EPA is to register with EPA to obtain an EPA manufacturer code for their company. This EPA manufacturer code must be obtained before a company can submit any compliance information to CISD via the Verify information system. Companies who already have a manufacturer code must register that code in Verify before files may be submitted. See the registration with EPA and manufacturer code information.

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What is CDX?

EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) is the single point of entry on the Environmental Information Exchange Network (Exchange Network) for environmental data submissions to the Agency. It is used by local governments and agencies, private industries, state governments, and tribes. See www.epa.gov/cdx.

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Will manufacturers have to make changes to their computer systems once the Verify information system is implemented?

No. Verify users need only an Internet connection and a browser. Note that any manufacturers who wish to automate their file submittal may set up a node-to-node connection. This connection would require software modifications, but it is expected to appeal to only the largest manufacturers with many files to send.

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How does a new manufacturer obtain an EPA manufacturer code from OTAQ?

See the registration with EPA and manufacturer code information page. Note that companies that already have a manufacturer code must register that code in Verify before files may be submitted.

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How will manufacturers receive correspondence from the Verify information system?

Messages will be sent to the manufacturer's representatives e-mail address at their CDX account (their MyCDX Inbox). Information regarding system changes and upgrades will also be sent to the e-mail addresses of all individuals who have signed up for the Verify list server. All users who have any interaction with Verify are encouraged to follow the Instructions to Join the Verify List Server (PDF, 7 pages, 214K) (EPA420-B-07-002, February 26, 2007) and sign up to receive these messages.

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What must a manufacturer employee or agent do to be able to submit data to the Verify information system?

Legal and security requirements mean that CISD must receive a number of "hard-copy" documents from manufacturers before accounts can be established. Please see CDX account set up information

Are OTAQ and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) working together?

Both agencies are communicating with each other and coordinating where possible, but there is no formal combined effort.

Whom do I contact for help?

CDX Help Desk (Account setup, password issues)

  • E-mail address: helpdesk@epacdx.net
  • Domestic telephone: 1-888-890-1995
  • International telephone: 970-494-5500

Verify (file acceptance, certification issues)

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