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State and Local Transportation Resources

Calculators & Modeling Tools

The links below provide access to several easy-to-use calculators and more sophisticated modeling tools to assess the effectiveness of mobile source-based control strategies. State and local agencies can use these calculators and tools to estimate emission reductions or to conduct an analyses of the outcome that a specific emission-reduction strategy may produce.

Modeling Tools

  • Modeling and Inventories
    Access EPA's MOVES Model, NONROAD Model, and various Fuel Models and Inventories. These models are methods used by EPA to estimate emissions from on-road vehicles, nonroad sources, and fuels. Inventories are calculations of total emissions of a pollutant for a given area at a defined time and set of conditions.


Run these calculators for estimates of emission reductions and fuel impacts associated with a particular transportation-related strategy:

  • Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Model
    A spreadsheet tool that provides users with a quick analysis of the emission benefits and cost-effectiveness of controling GSE emissions.
  • Business Benefits Calculator Exit EPA Disclaimer
    Use this tool to estimate the financial, environmental, traffic, parking, and related values of offering employees high quality commuter benefits.
  • SmartWay FLEET Performance Model
    Conduct a thorough assessment of the environmental performance of fleet (truck) operations, and calculate additional fuel savings and emission reductions (CO2, NOx, and PM) that can be achieved through a range of options and strategies.
  • Diesel Emissions Quantifier
    Characterize a truck or bus fleet and calculate the tons of emission reductions (CO, CO2, NOx, hydrocarbons, and PM) that a retrofit project will generate.

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